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Our company, MENELAS BALDJIS VEKAP LTD, in one of the oldest and most experienced canneries in Greece, indeed in the whole Balkans area and it was established in 1910 by Menelas Baldjis. He was the first Greek Fig Producer and Exporter AND the man who made Green Figs famous worldwide. Grown and packed exclusively in Kalamata, Greece.

VEKAP MENELAS BALDJIS LTD was established in 1910 by Menelas Baldjis a man who was of the founders of the Greek canning industry.

He was the first Greek Fig Producer and Exporter. He was the man who madeGreen Figs famous worldwide.

Since 1910 our factory has been exporting the best products that Kalamata region has to offer. Dried figs were one of the first products that were exported by this country, to the USA, and to other parts of the world. During the years we exported millions of cartons of dried figs. Menelas Baldjis was the first man in the wold who exported Kalamata Dried Figs in cans. It was this way of selling who made BALDJIS figs famous worldwide. As the years were passing by, we packed and exported, dried figs, pulp tomatoes, canned peaches in light syrup, canned apricots in light syrup and of course the unique product of FRESH FIGS IN LIGHT SYRUP, which is even now served in the best hotels, restaurants, super markets all around the world.

Kalamata was not the birth place of the man but he had selected this area to built his Fig Industry because of the quality and the specifications of this fig origin. At that time it was only California's producers were following this great good, but it was MENELAS BALDJIS who exportedKALAMATA FIGS to the USA.


Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil

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